At Hyatt Regency Pune

10-13 Aug, 2017

Workshop on Shoulder Pain

 10:15 am -  10:25 am 
 Introduction Problem Statement, Epidemology  of ShoulderPain 
 Kanchan Sharma
10:2am -  10:40 am 
Clinical Anatomy Of Shoulder 
Bhaskar Roy
 10:40 am - 10:55 am
 Demonstration of Shoulder Examination on Volunteer
 Prativa Matche 
  10:55am  -11:30am  
Mrs B (a known case hypothyroidism) was a 54 year old lady who presented to the clinic complaining of a 9 week history of left-sided shoulder pain and restricted movement. These symptoms started gradually but over time they began to affect her general quality of life and morale. Pain increased, particularly at night leaving her tired during the daytime and she started to experience problems manipulating her arm, especially when dressing.
While conducting physical examination, it was noted that both active and passive range of movements (ROMs) of left shoulder are severely restricted at all directions.
10:55 am -11:00 am 
  Case Presentation + Investigation Findings 
Kanchan Sharma
  11:00 am - 11:10 am 
 Pathophysiology and steps to diagnosis Adhesive Capsulitis 
Pravesh Kanthed
  11:10 am  -11:20am 
  Case Discussion with audiance 
Kanchan Sharma
 11:20 am - 11:30 am 
 Adhesive Capsulitis: Treatments
 P. P Pan
 11:30 am -  11: am 
 Case 2 
A 32-year-old male patient who lives at home with his parents reported an insidious onset of intermittent left shoulder pain, with occasional referral of pain into upper left arm that began 2 weeks ago. The patient denies numbness or tingling into the left upper extremity. The pain increased sufficiently this past week to prompt patient to take some over the counter NSAIDs. The patient has no past history of left shoulder pain and his past medical and surgical history is unremarkable. The patient reported stiffness and soreness of the left shoulder upon arising in the morning and again at the end of the day after working. Difficulty was also reported with putting on a jacket, driving to work which takes 45 minutes. The patient reported that the shoulder pain interrupts his sleep 2 to 3 times every night, and that he was having difficulty combing his hair, brushing his teeth, or lifting his arm without pain. The patient described “cracking” and “popping” of the shoulder with activity. Pain rated at 5 to 6 out of 10 on a visual analogue scale.
 11:30 am -  11:35 am 
 Case Presentation + Investigation Findings 
Anirban Paul
 11:35 am - 11:45 am 
 Pathophysiology and steps to diagnosis Shoulder Impingement Syndrome  
Pravesh Kanthed  
 11:45 am - 11:55 am 
 Case Discussion with audiance , differential diagnosis 
Anirban Paul 
 11:55 am 12:05 pm 
 Shoulder Impingement Syndrome   Treatment Consideration with evidance and Newer Treatment Options  
 Jay Panchal 
 Case 3. 
Mr Biswajit Nandi, a 45 years old male complains of Localized tenderness and pain at the top, front of the shoulder that comes and goes, possibly with a chronic low level of pain punctuated by intermittent flare-ups of more intense pain. He feels more Pain with certain activities, such as reaching the arm across the body or lifting an item from an overhead cabinet. He plays badminton daily evening but now a days only after taking a brufen tablet. He also gave a history of RTA and shoulder injury when he was 16 years old.
 12:05 am 11:10 am 
 Case Presentation + Investigation Findings 
Nana Morkane
 12:10 pm - 12:20 pm 
Pathophysiology and  diagnosis AC joint arthritis
 P. P. Pan
 12:20 pm - 12:30 pm 
 Case Discussion with audiance. 
Nana Morkane
 12:30 pm - 12:40 pm 
 AC joint arthritis Treatment Consideration with evidance and Newer Treatment Options  
 Seetaram Korgaonkar 
 12:40 pm - 1:00 pm 
 PRP in Shoulder Pain and Conclusion
Pratibha Matche