At Hyatt Regency Pune

10-13 Aug, 2017

Workshop on MSK USG: 26th Aug, Hall-C 10.15- 13.00

Faculty: Dr. Harshita Surange
10.15-11.30: Upper limb USG
Glenohumoral joint
Subacromial subdeltoid bursa
Radial nerve entrapment at arcade of Frohse
Cubital tunnel syndrome
Guyons canal
Tennis elbow
Golfer elbow
Dequervian synovitis
Intersection syndrome 
Carpal tunnel syndrome
11.30-11.45: Q & A, Doubt clearing session
11.45-12.45: Lowe limb USGs
Hip joint 
Trochantric bursa 
Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh 
Bakers cyst
Intraarticular knee joint injections
Snapping knee joint
Tibio Talar joint
Tarsal tunnel syndrome
Achilles' tendon
Plantar fascia
12.45-13.00:  Q & A, Doubt clearing session