At Hyatt Regency Pune

10-13 Aug, 2017

Scientific Program on 27th Aug at Hall-A

Hall A, 27th Aug
8:00-8:45: Yoga for Chronic pain: Dr. B. S Khalsa
8:50-10:00: Journey with experts: Opioids in chronic pain
Moderator: Dr. Debjyoti Dutta; Expert Panelists: Dr. Chinmoy Roy, Dr. P. N Jain, Dr. Dipashri Bhattacharya, Dr. Subrata Ray, Dr. Joyshree Subramanian
10:00-10:15: Tea Break
10:15-13:00: Recent advances in pain Session IV
Chairpersons: Dr. Christian Herrera, Dr. Kamini Singh, Dr. Ketut Nguarh
10:15-10:35: Need for uniform protocol in pain management: Dr. P. N Jain
10:35-10:55: Safety  & Quality of Postoperative pain management, what are the priorities? Dr.  Saikat  Sengupta
10:55-11:15: Peripheral nerve stimulation: Dr. Hemant Kalia
11.15-11.35:  Resurgence of Intrathecal & Epidural Neurolysis -Dr. R. P. Gehdoo
11:40-13:00: Recent advances in pain Session V
Chairpersons: Dr. Rohitha Jayamaha,  Dr. Amal Bhattacharya, Dr. A. N. Mukherjee , Subhendu Sarkar
11:40-12:00: Rehabilitation after Interventional Procedures-Dr. TCT Novy
12:00-12:20: Current trends in regenerative medicine for spine pain-Dr. Annu Navani
12:25-13:00: Panel Discussion: Current Use of Opioids: Moderator: Dr. R. P. Gehedoo
Panelists: Dr. A. Nayak, Dr. Anjali Kolhe, Dr. Krishna Poddar, Dr. Ashok Jadon, Dr. Abhijit Dam

13:00-14:00: Lunch
14:00-15:20: Recent advances in pain Session VI
Chairpersons: Dr. TCT Novy,  Dr. Nibedita pani
14:00-14:30: Pain and suffering:  Dr. Somnath Saha
14:35-14:50 : Genetics and pain- Dr. Pradeep Jain
14:55-15:10: Methadone in Pain Management- Dr. Lakshmi Koyyalagunta
15:15-15:30: Tea Break
15:30-17:00:  Recent advances in pain SesssionVII
Chairpersons: Dr. R. P Ghedoo, Dr. Adel S Elmallah, Dr. Amiya Mishra
15:30-15:45: Being with pain and suffering in palliative care practice- Dr. Odette Spruyt
15:50-16:05: Recent advances in management of rheumatoid arthritis- Dr. Rohitha Jayamaha
16:10-16:25: Cannabinoids in pain management-Dr. Christian Herrera
16:30-16:50: Biologics in orthopaedic medicine: current evidence-Dr. Annu Navani
17:30-20:30: Cultural program and award ceremony
20:30-22:00: Banquet dinner